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We here at WhizBang Parade are die-hard movie fans. But that's what we are...FANS. We're not critics, former film students, or pessimists. So, every review you read/watch here is something we have enjoyed watching. We don't care whether it was a box-office bomb, or critics darling. All we ask ourselves is, "Did we like it?" More specifically, the acting, story line, and presentation.

But here's the catch, if we do not like a particular film you won't hear about it from us. We feel that it's not our place to tell you what NOT to see based on our subjective viewpoint. What some may garner as the best movie ever made, others may walk away from it forgetting they had ever watched it.

We also feel that someone, well a lot of someones, have put their blood, sweat and tears into their art, and to tear it down just because we didn't fancy it, is mean-spirited. And we would like this world to be a little nicer.

With that said, if there is a film out there that you love and it's not on our 'Repeats' or we haven't reviewed it, please send us an email declaring your love for this piece of cinema and we'll be happy to take a gander at it. If we feel that we have nothing all that great to say about it, we'll simply write you a private email stating so. But if it's the bees-knees, then you'll get credit for recommending it to us!

Send your suggestions to: whizbangparade (at) gmail (dot) com


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