Just Ray Friday, March 25, 2011

Starting in 2006, David (Matt Damon) is running for New York State senate. A series of events happen to make him cross paths with a woman, Elise (Emily Blunt). The sparks between the two are undeniable, and she inspires him to give an honest speech about being a politician. David looses the campaign, but the seeds of her allure are already planted.

He sees her sometime later on a bus. Their conversation only deepens his attraction to her. But this bus ride was never supposed to happen. According the plan set forth by The Adjustment Bureau. A group of fedora-wearing, Mad-Men-suit-wearing gentlemen, who carry around note books with their “case files”. These files are the portion of the plan that they are in charge to keeping on track. David’s “caseworker”, Harry (Anthony Mackie), fell asleep and missed his opportunity to keep David on his plan.
For reasons that are only known to the editor-in-chief of the plan, who is referred to as the Chairman, the Adjustment Bureau is sent in to change subtle things in David’s life to bring him back on track.
When David discovers the Bureau by chance, they are forced to tell him that he is to never see Elise again. Both of their lives will be better if the two never cross paths again.
Feeling in his gut that this is wrong, he reluctantly chooses to follow the Bureau’s plan for the sake of Elise. But chance had plans the Bureau and the Chairman can’t anticipate.
Sounds interesting right? What if you find out about this bureau and were able to see what’s behind the curtain just as Dorothy did? Would you run for the hills and force your own fate, or would you concede to the Bureau and hope they know what’s the best for you?
Heres what we thought about it...

Take a peek at the trailer and see for yourself...

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