Just Ray Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here's the set up:

A cluster of what is believed to be meteorites comes crashing to various locations around Earth. It becomes clear very quickly the scientists were wrong, they weren't meteorites. It turns out it is an alien race coming to colonize Earth.

We follow a U.S. Marine Platoon on a mission to evacuate an unknown number of civilians caught in the invasion at a police station in, you guessed it, Los Angeles. In this Platoon is U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart), who had planned on retiring after his last mission in Iraq went bad, but is forced back into duty and assigned to 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez (Ramón Rodríguez) the Platoon Commander.

Oh yeah, they only have 3 hours to complete the mission because after that the bombs are being dropped to wipe out anything left in the area. After a quick briefing they set off on their mission and find out that the aliens have superior weapons and tactics. The Platoon is quick to suffer casualties before meeting up with group of U.S. Army soldiers and an Air Force Technician Sergeant Elena Santos (Michelle Rodriguez). They now have to work together to get out of Los Angeles alive and save the civilians. Can they make it through the war going on around them and make it to safety? Who else will fall to save the "whole"?

JustRay went with a few buddies to see this flick. Here's what he thought...

But take a look at the trailer. What do you think?

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